A Letter from Robert Dodd


San Francisco is a city in crisis.  People are being evicted from their homes and forced out of San Francisco for no other reason than greed.  Speculators are buying buildings, kicking out the tenants, and selling the units at incredibly high prices for fast profits.  The people doing this have no regard for the lives of those they are displacing.  To these speculators, it’s only about the money. 

Film Description:

We Won’t Go is a film in development about how the fabric of our city is being destroyed.  It documents how people are coming together to save their city from being torn apart.  The very people who give San Francisco its rich and unique character are disappearing because of rampant, greed driven evictions.  We document the growing movement against the policies of city hall through protests and other actions.  The film will highlight individual stories of tenants and the landlords who evict them.  One such example is the eviction at 1964 Larkin Street, which tells the story of Robert Dodd, a 40-year resident of Russian Hill living with AIDS, and pursues the viewpoint of landlords Brian and Erica Hunt during and following the eviction.

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